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Your family alternative to the student dormitory. 

Die drei Häuser
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How do you want to live? Our three houses. 


The more, the funnier.

Types of housing

3-person shared apartment- from €374 / person

4-person shared apartment- from €387 / person

5-person shared apartment - from €384 / person

6-person shared apartment- from €375 / person

8-person shared apartment- from €364 / person


Your shared apartment right next to the park.

Apartment options

2-people shared apartment - from 387,– € / person

3-people shared apartment - from 385,– € / person

6-people shared apartment - from374,– € / person


Your classy shared apartment.

Types of housing

2-person shared apartment- from €449.5 / person

3-person shared apartment- from €439 / person

All-inclusive prices

Our prices start at € 364 per Month.

This is all included:

Your room - your apartment

Rent including operating costs, water, electricity & Heating

Complete furnishings - but you can also set it up yourself if you wish

TV connection - (GIS not included)

​WLAN with direct access to the university network

Cleaning service once a week *

* for all rooms outside your room.

Laundry room with several laundry & drying devices

Lockable bike stand

Your room

Your room compared to a classic shared apartment.

Students City Lodge

All rooms in a shared apartment are of equal value.

All rooms can be accessed separately.

Fully equipped rooms and common areas - no move-in costs! If you want, you can bring your own equipment.

More independence: Everyone has their own rental agreement and pays their own costs.

Uncomplicated processing: electricity, heating, WiFi... everything included (except GIS).

Several fully equipped* kitchens, bathrooms and toilets in larger shared apartments.

* Dishwasher, large 4-plate ceramic hob, oven, microwave, plenty of storage space...

1x annual basic cleaning of the apartment.

Lots of additional extras: own park, covered bike parking, cheap city center parking, party rooms...

Classic shared apartment

Unfair room distribution. 

Mostly large & very small rooms.

Often connecting rooms.

Empty apartment. The entire facility must be financed yourself, including setup & Dismantling, painting etc.

One person signs the rental agreement and pays the costs, including rent. Then have to collect the money from the roommates!

High administrative effort due to several individual contracts.


Only 1 kitchen (and 1 refrigerator), usually only 1 bathroom and 1 toilet per apartment.

No cleaning.


No additional extras.

Unsere Vorteile

Our advantages at a glance

Best location

You will live in the very center of Leoben, only a few steps away from the university.

Personal space

Fully equipped rooms but with freedom of design - give your living space a personal touch!


We are a family business and live it that way.

All inclusive

Really no hidden costs.

Proper living area

Large apartments where you can live together and don't have to escape at the weekend.

Waterfront Lounge

Waterfront Lounge

Celebrate, learn, relax, meet friends... You can do all this and much more in the adjacent Waterfront Lounge - and of course at no additional cost!

Green Oasis

Green Oasis

Treat yourself to a break in the countryside in your private park with 5,000 m² of space - enjoy nature, sports, barbecues, chill out with friends... In the green area directly adjacent to the Waterfront Lounge you can clear your head for new knowledge.

Brick Lounge

Brick Lounge

Celebrate in the most exclusive bar in Leoben... A fully equipped bar is available only for residents of the Students City Lodge Leoben in the vaulted cellar of the Central Lodge house. The perfect location for your birthday party, a football evening with friends, game evenings and much more.

Parking space (from €30/month)

Parking in front of the house and a reserved parking space in the city center are pure luxury? Not with us. We rent a total of 20 - partially covered - parking spaces directly on the SCL Leoben premises in a private area - of course for a student-friendly fee.

Cover image_1_©_Foto_Freisinger_Parkplatz.
11 Fragen an dich

Looking for the best student residence or the perfect shared apartment -
11 questions for you

(All questions are available at the Students City Lodge YESto answer.)

Additional costs, cleaning & House rules, living space, property management & Terms of contract

  1. Can you use the washing machines and dryers free of charge?

  2. Can you celebrate for free in the party room?

  3. Can I use the lockable and covered bike parking space free of charge?

  4. Is there parking space directly in front of the house and is the parking space affordable and reserved exclusively for you?

  5. How often is your apartment cleaned? Does the cleaning lady come every week?

  6. Are you allowed to set up your own room, e.g. assemble a pull-up bar, bring your own furniture or hang up your laundry in the room?

  7. Can your friends visit you and stay with you for a few days for free?

  8. Do you have a decent kitchen where you can cook properly (e.g. 4-ring hob, dishwasher)?

  9. Does the living room offer enough space (e.g. large dining table to sit comfortably together)?

  10. Is there a personal contact person on site who can help you with your concerns at any time?

  11. Does your contract accommodate you, e.g. early termination upon completion of your studies or subletting during the semester abroad?


In three steps to your apartment.


Select apartment

Choose one of the houses that suits your desired living situation.


Viewing appointment

Take a look at our area before you decide. We would be happy to answer your questions in a personal conversation.


registration form

Fill out the form and send it to us. 

Register / Log In

Here you canfor free Register for one of the coveted rooms at the Students City Lodge Leoben.


If you have already visited us for a viewing, you can enter your room requirements directly in the form. Otherwise, just tell us which house or living situation suits you most and we will send you a suitable offer once we have received your registration.

If you are not yet enrolled, you are welcome to submit your matriculation number and confirmation of enrollment later.


Please send the completed registration form to us by



Students City Lodge Leoben

Fischergasse 10-14

8700 Leoben

Property management:

Melanie Tischhart, Msc

Phone.: +43 664 / 888 41 081


Availability via phone/e-Mail:

Mo-Fr 09:00 am-1 pm

Appointments by prior arrangement.

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