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9 essential advantages that a larger shared apartment can offer you


You immediately have personal contact with other students and are not alone as a "newcomer".


If you wish, when putting together a shared apartment, we make sure that - if possible - students with the same majors also live together. So you also have someone with whom you can learn, etc., together.


This means you can also exchange experiences with students who have been studying in Leoben for a long time.


It's not just the same study interests that you can usually find in a larger shared apartment. Leisure interests that you can share with your roommates also make everyday student life much more exciting. Cooking together, doing sports together or just not having to watch TV alone. Larger shared apartments are definitely fun.


Shared pain is half of the pain? We have a cleaning lady come once a week, but even people who don't like cleaning still have one or two advantages in a shared apartment. Finally, you can also divide up everyday tasks, such as taking out the trash, emptying the dishwasher, etc. This means everyone can do what they like to do best.


It's not just cheaper in a double pack. Budget hunters can really save money in a larger shared apartment - and not just with the lower room price, but also by sharing the costs for everyday items.


Large shared flat - large space: Our larger shared flats are not only very spacious in terms of living space (around 20 m² of living space per person). They also always have several kitchens, bathrooms and toilets. This means that everyone can live comfortably in a shared flat. There are also large open spaces, roof terraces or balconies that invite you to linger.


Are you sick and mom isn't there? No problem. You have your roommates. Do the shopping, get something from the pharmacy, make tea... In a shared apartment there is always someone there.


Other social services such as watering flowers, picking up packages, etc. in your absence.

Convinced? Then secure a place in your future shared apartment now!

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