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Booking of the in-house leisure facilities (Waterfront Lodge, cellar bar)

The tenants of our houses have access to various rooms and open spaces to practice various leisure activities. If you would like to rent one of these options, please send us a request using the online form below in good time before your desired rental date.

To ensure that everything works smoothly, please note the following points:

  • Before you send your request, please read the rental conditions. You can download this here: Waterfront Lounge,Cellar bar

  • Use of the Waterfront Lounge and open spaces is free. We do not charge you any rental fees. If you dispose of your rubbish yourself and return the rented premises in the same condition in which you took them over from us, there will be no cleaning fees. However, if subsequent basic cleaning by our cleaning staff is required, costs will be incurred. Billing depending on effort. Hourly rate for cleaning staff: € 25.00. 

  • Use of the cellar bar is also free. We don't charge you any rental fees here either, but there are cleaning costs of €40.00 per use. In the event of excessive contamination and therefore longer working hours of our cleaning staff, the hours that go beyond basic cleaning will be charged based on effort. Hourly rate for cleaning staff: € 25.00. 

  • Before renting out the cellar bar for the first time, the technical equipment must be trained (TV, sound and light system, tap system,...). The training is carried out by an employee of the property management. After we receive your request, we will contact you about a joint date for school enrollment. 

  • The tenant is liable for any damage that occurs to the rented premises and the co-rented facility. The tenant receives the access key to the respective rooms from the property management, so it is the tenant's responsibility to know which people are in these rooms. The tenant is therefore also liable for damage caused by third parties during the rental period.

  • An assessment of the damage caused will be carried out during a joint inspection as part of the return at the end of the rental period. In the event of damage, the property management determines the costs for necessary repairs or replacement of broken or lost items. The tenant will then receive the cost estimate.

  • The maximum continuous rental period is generally 2 days. If a room is rented over the weekend, the handover takes place on Friday (after making an appointment by telephone) and the return on Monday (also after making an appointment by telephone). 

It's that easy:

Fill out the online form below and tell us which space you would like to rent and when. We will check your request and get back to you within three working days. If your desired appointment is still available, we will send you all the additional information you need. 

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